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•    Medal „For Courage in Fire” with certificate;

•    Medal „For Conscientious Service” I, II, III degree;

•    Medal  „For rescue of  drowning” with certificate”

•   Gas-mask for animal protection, 1930-1940

• Two-cylinder hand pump, manufactured by Riga craftsmen at 1930s

• Riga Patrimonial Volunteer fire-fighters society term of service badge

• Motorpumps on half-trailer MP-1200; MP-1400

• Floatage rescue means on water and ice, produced in Latvia, end of the 20th - beginning of the 21st century

• Hladon fire- extinguisher (freon 114V-2) in adjusted dichlofos cylinder, experimentally produced in Latvia in 1980s

• Heat reflecting costume TK-800, manufactured in 1980s

• Photographs on fire-fighters activities during German occupation in Latvia, 1941-1944

• Pieces of art on fire and rescue themes

• Rescue equipment, end of the 20th- beginning of the 21st century

• Ministry of Interior militarized fire-fighters cotton uniform with blouse with neckband (till 1970s)