Vladimir Timofejev personal photo exhibition “Wood harmony”Print

17.05.2017 - 1.12.2017

Born in 1955, from 1983 worked in different Latvian firefighter departments, bat in 2009 he retired. In years while he worked, he become firefighting veteran and gained Lieutenant Colonel rank.

He married Larisu Timofejevu, who comes from long lasting firefighting dynasty – Vorobjovi. She worked in Latvian firefighters testing laboratory bat in later years she used her experience to improve fire safety and civil protection norms, while working in Riga Technical university.

Even in primary school, Vladimir liked to make different figurines, especially from wood. As well as he was interested in wood, it’s structure and possibility’s.

We can say god and nature gave wood sculptor talent to Vladimir. His work theme is mainly connected to Africa. In his work he love to show, animals and people, there emotions and capture their movements, to make them more natural, more live looking.

This is his second exhibition in our museum, and it’s almost 10 years after his first one, so it’s interesting to see his work and style improvements, what developed over the years. And we are pleased, that we have such talented colleague, and we say thanks for his exhibition in our museum.

Wishing luck to Vladimir and interest to you.