Eleonora Grigorjeva photo exhibition “MY FAMILY AND OTHER ANIMALS” Print

13.10.2017 ‒ 23.11.2017


Like human, pets trough they life experience different events and some time they got in situations where they need other’s help. Often help is given by firefighters, helping our pets and other animals to get out of sticky situations.

This year, most often our firefighters helped cats in Riga city territory, in total 114 cats where saved from difficult situations. In same time only 31 dog in Riga city territory needed firefighters, help.

Statistic says that, from emergency calls of first nine month, 617 was to help animals (357 calls was related with pets, 25 with livestock, 289 with wild animals and birds).

Many of animals, what is saved by firefighters, are different and unique, bat trough them recurs one feeling – gratitude to firefighters for saving there life.


Eleonora Grigorjeva