Exhibition “Power, grace and gentleness”Print

 04.12.2017. – 24.01.2018.


          “Photographer has a clear soul but dirty knees” – this phrase excellently illustrates photo genre in which, for the past four years, Alexandra Saveljeva has been working. For photo models, she uses different individuals from animal kingdom. Each of them has special temperament and emotions as well as different looks and styles. Today author exhibits photographs of her favorite and largest models – horses.

          Until 20 century, horse was the main mean of transportation starting from each farmhouse, army, post office, fire brigade etc. For many civilizations, living a day without horse was unimaginable.

          Aleksandra tells that in childhood, she was fascinated with inner power of horses as well as their grace and gentleness, and this fasciation never went away. There is no other animal in this world, who has such emotional beauty and who can be not only gentle but also ironic and romantic. In the heat of summer, we can see how horses caress each other and, in the evening, when cooler winds surrounds them, they leap and rush, with heads up, their mane fluttering in the wind they run together in the fields. Sometimes it seems that horse has learned some characteristics from a man; from time to time, the horse pretends that it is too tired or at other times on purpose steps on foots of the rider who once made him feel bad. In the end, they always wait for a rider who comes with some tasty food and cheers them.

          Aleksandras goal in this exposition is too show the bridge between human and horse. The bridge that manifests trust, that stays between them for a lifetime.

          Nowadays in the world, there is a lot of situations when so many animals die and some species extinct, mainly because of peoples’ actions. Alexandra tries to show beauty of animals, to make people feel some empathy and to encourage them to think more about nature.

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