Research about the Latvian people contribution in containment of the dangerous consequences of the Chernobyl NPP accidentPrint

On the 5th of March the exhibition “We will never forget you!”dedicated to the actors involved in the elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl NPP accident was visited by Dr.Pavel Sekula, Assistant of Ukrainian Department of International and Political Studies Faculty at the Krakowa Jagiellonian University (Poland). Mr Sekula writes a book about the contribution of the population in limiting and elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl NPP accident, including Latvian inhabitant’s contribution.

After visiting the exhibition, Dr.Pavels Sekula welcomed wealth of the museum's collection, the quality of exhibition and amount of information collected. He applied to visit museum once more time this summer as well as exchange with his own information and materials.

We wish to Dr.Pavel Sekula success in the research of such important information and saving for future generations.