Irina Trumpele art exhibition “FIRE DANCE”Print

Irina Trumpele art exhibition “FIRE DANCE”

Latvian Fire Fighting museum

19.12.2018. – 20.01.2019.

This is anniversary exhibition. Author of exhibition doesn’t want to make conclusions, but to open new artistic frontiers. That is why, this exhibitions contains art works from different phases artist life and in same time contains small pieces from possible future artworks.

Fire as theme is quiet ambiguous. It can show destruction, fear, even death but in same time warmth, new life and future, I general fire stays as spring of inspiration.

In this exposition visitor will be able to embrace author philosophical vision through art works and at opening event through performances.

Irina Trumpele born in 1958. From 1984 till 2014 studied at Abram Bikov and Vitaly Karkunov painting studio in Riga, Ila Pal workshop in Bombay (India), in Jurmala, Georg Shelkovoy painting master workshop, she studied composition of paintings and in private master workshops in Konya and Istanbul, she studied painting style of ebru.

Her first personal exhibition was in Salaspils at 1986, bat after that she made many others personal exhibition and together with other artists made many joined exhibitions, what was shown in different art galleries in Riga, Jurmala, Deli, Bombay and ebru style exhibition what was shown in Latvian Turkish embassy. Her works now is owned by many art collectors from Latvia, Russia, USA, India, Sweden, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Iran and Japan.

She works with different art techniques like portraits, silent nature, ebru, watercolour, oils and acres paints.

After New York archbishop order, she made icons “Power of Christ” and “Holy spirit” and composition “Christ in roads of India”. In her works, she tried to show spiritual values.

From 1990 she often lives in India and paints it’s nature, there she learns eastern philosophy and art mediation. From 2005 she periodically travels to Turkey and Iran to work there. In 2013 she opened ebru painting style school in Riga for children’s and adults. The art basic she teaches with individual way for each student, to show that improving your creative is the way how to improve your personality.

Latvian Fire Fighting museum


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