Georgijs Jemeļjānovs photo exhibition “The hundred years of Brīvības street”Print

01 February - 03 March

Latvian Firefighting museum senior specialist

Georgijs Jemeļjānovs

photo exhibition

“The hundred years of Brīvības street”


Author of exposition was introduced to photo camera at age of 12, and after that more or less never stop using it.

From 1980’s to 1990’s, member of State Electrical Factory (SEF) People photo studio, active participant in studio exhibitions. In 1988, after Egon Spurs invitation, joined exhibition “One day in Ogre”, and again in 2008. Worked at Riga History museum (participated in making of 4 exhibitions) and Riga Movie Photo Audio archive, taking photos of historical events and day-to-day life to.

After invitation from Pēteris Blūms worked photo materials for book “Wooden Riga” (in 2001 nominated for Book of year), and for book “Jūrmala”. Often collaborated with art historians, architects and researchers for different researches.

This exposition made thanks to support of Riga city dome’s Education, Culture and Sport department, and author invaded to make this exposition by Riga city north municipally.

In 1812, after false information about closing of Napoleon army, Riga city wooden suburbs was set on fire. Later in April of 1813, rebuilding started, after city plan made by Livonian Governor Filippo Paulaci. That was start of Brīvības Street. In two century’s there were many changes to street’s planning, name and purpose, but its main task staid the same- the main street of Riga.

The goal of exposition is not only to show beauty and architectural styles of this important street, but also to illuminate history of this important street.

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