Poet KIKŌNES book presentation in our museumPrint


At 18th of February, 19.00 in our museum will happen poet KIKŌNES books “You are late” opening event.

This book dedicated in memory of talented poet and playwright Kikōne (Edgars Mednis, 1984–2006), who passed away at age of 22. His work was celebrated not only by his generation poets, but also by older generation of professionals from his craft. Even in his short life his unique experimental poetry left lasting effect in Latvian literature. Before his death, Kikōne made draft of this book, but was not able to publish it. It took 13years after his death, but lastly his book has come out to public.

This book contains around 150 poems made by Kikōne, some of them already known, others comes from poets personal records. This book covers all period of poets creative work, and interestingly it contains not only poems in Latvian but also in English, Russian and Latgalian languages.

This book got publish thanks to literates Aleksandrs Zapoļs and Svens Kuzmins. Prosaist and friend of Kikōnes, Svens Kuzmins writes” Kikōne in real name Edgars Mednis, born 1984 in Riga, loved short but bright and eventful life. He grew up in Latgalian family,studied at Āgenskalns State Gymnasium, with excellence graduated from Riga First Gymnasium and started working as seaman. In his 22 years of life he found his place as one of brightest and free minded poet of our generation.