Exhibition Anna Silabrama “Scent of Spring”Print

From 8 March to 8 April 2019 Fire-fighting Museum offers exhibition Anna Silabrama “Scent of Spring”.

Anna Silabrama born 13th of October 1981 in Riga. She studied in Jāņa Rozentāla Art collage after graduation she continued studies at Latvian Art academy in Painting Department. In 2007, she graduated and received master degree.

Exhibition “Scent of Spring” is collection of paintings with flower theme, made by author in last couple of years.

A. Silabrama tells “Beauty of flower is special even magical, it gives us visual pleasure and fills our soul with amazement and happiness. My main goal while painting is not to show what I see, but to create filling and wonder with the help of flowers sophisticated organization.

Every flower has its own character, peculiarity and beauty, what gives us positive emotions and pleasure to soul. Flowers are endless source of inspiration.”

In today’s world, there is more then 270000 types of flowers, each one with its unique aroma, colour and form. Flowers have huge biological importance but also they bring a touch of glamour in our everyday life.

Latvian Firefighting museum wishes each exhibition visitor to receive aesthetic pleasure and dose of positive energy from this exhibition, as well as to welcome good start of incoming spring. In addition, we wish to the author of exhibition many more years with inspiration and creative success.


Instagram: @annasilabrama