Photo exhibition of Riga Style and Fashion Technical college "photographer" and "photo design specialist" programs students – "Jugla in seasons"Print


The Latvian Fire Museum for the second year has been exhibiting creative works of Riga Style and Fashion College students, promoting the pupils’ awareness of the responsibility for the work they are doing and importance of creative expression in society.

The theme of this year is the magic of the seasons. The everyday life in Riga district Jugla (where Riga Style and Fashion Technical College is located). Exact viewpoint of place in different seasons. As far as possible, the pupils of the school learn creatively by mastering their technical skills and show them in the practical lessons.

Teacher of RSFT college − Linda Ratuta.

The exhibition is a wonderful contribution to the celebration of 100th anniversary of Latvia, the exhibition should be interesting not only for Jugla residents, but also for anyone interested.

The purpose of exhibitions is to continuing of the creative style of the Riga Style and Fashion Technique and Latvian Fire Museum promotes the development of a youth taste in culture, safety and beauty through purposeful, useful and creative organization of their free time…