The book “Unknown History” dedicated to the Chernobyl NPP accident liquidation workers from Latvia, published in the Republic of PolandPrint

At 11th of June, in our museum Dr. Pawel Sekula, lecturer at the Polish University of Krakow Yagiellonsk, presented his new book “Unknown History” which is dedicated to liquidators of Chernobyl’s disasters. One of presentation attendees was Gunars Opmanis, who was in time of disaster, squad Commander of Chemical and radiation reconnaissance of the Baltic Civil Defense regiment.

Book originally published in Polish but currently been translated to become available to a wide range of readers in the world.

The book created with the help of the liquidator of the Chernobyl NPP disaster and support of our museum.

It’s give a real satisfaction to see this  deep and thorough study by a foreign author and the opening of a new page of history, so that future generations can truly be proud of the contribution by their compatriots to limiting the consequences of a global accident.

Our thanks, appreciation and further successes to Dr. Pavel Sekula for further exploration and perpetuation of less known history events!