Our museum exhibition in newest Firefighters depot at Jaunpils Street, 13thPrint

To celebrate opening of new firefighter’s depot at 13th, Jaunpils Street, at day of celebration we presented exhibition “Second firefighters division then and now”. It is about history of Riga city second firefighters division.

At turn of 20th century, the firefighting service was rapidly developing in Riga city. Between 1886 and 1902, according to the projects of Riga's chief architect Reinhold Schmolling, four depots were built. One of them in Akmeņu Street, 17th, and it acted as home depot to Riga city second firefighters division for last century until the spring of 2019, when second division moved to new home at Jaunpils street.

 The new depot was commissioned by Ministry of Interior, project developed by Company “Komunālprojekts” and construction work was carried out by construction company “Skonto būve”. For now, this depot is first in Riga city and seventh in Latvia, which built in this century.

We wish that new home brings, luck, happiness, new ideas and challenges to people working there.