New photo exhibition in our musuem "For a safe life"Print

08.10 - 8.11.2019

In our lifetime we often get in situations that can be threatening to us. That why even from young age our parents, society, and the state protect us, teach use and if needed punish us for our relentless attitude to our self or others.

Everyday risks sometimes endanger the life and health given us by our ancestors and parents. These fundamental values of life protected by the state through many institutions, including our Museum. Our mission is to safety and security trough public education.

That’s why from 8th of October we offer for you to see new photo exhibition “For safe life”. Made by our museum senior specialist from firefighting research and education department Georgijs Jemeļjānovs, and a veteran of the State Fire and Rescue Service Vladimirs Gāgas. In photos they try to show you every days life and safety interconnections, trough wonderful everyday moments, that happens around us.

Photo Georgijs Jemeljanovs

Photo Vladimirs Gaga


Opening of the exhibition

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