Margarita Kosenko photo exposition “FIRE GUARDS”Print


Latvian Firefighting museum Hanzas 5, Riga.

Margarita, author of exposition, studies third year in Latvian Culture College and this is her first persona photo exhibition. Exhibitions theme, firefighters and their work, came to her in moment when she passed one of Riga city firefighters depot.

Margarita speaking about days she joined, Riga city second firefighters division. “Before first day, I felt a bit stressful. Asked myself if they accept me, won’t I interfere with their job? However, in end of day, stress was gone and I even did not want to leave. Every time I visited second division, firefighters where open, friendly and happy to work together.” Author’s main goal, for this project, was to learn about firefighter’s workday and time between calls and show her experiences through photos.

Our museum, wishes to Margarita, success with her first exhibition and possibilities to express creative potential in other ways too.