Silvia Auere Pastel paintingsPrint

05.02.2020. – 06.03.2020.


Silvia Avere born in Ozolnieki, Jelgava District. Graduated from Riga School of Applied Arts, Department of Ceramics and State Art Academy's Department of Glass Art. From 1965 − 1979 she been a visual art teacher and director of amateur art studios in Riga, a long-time member of the Latvian Artists' Union, and has been participating in its exhibitions since 1976. Silvia’s works are exhibited in the Artists' Union Gallery, the Museum of Applied Art and as part of private collections in Latvia and abroad. For many years, she has been delighting viewers with expressive portraits, reflecting the most characteristic features of a people face in a minute.

Silvia works share a common goal − to show continuous adventure to the audience using her thoughts, senses and wide range of emotions in the drawings of saturated, pastel still life. The artist's works are sunny, jest, lifelike, with careful work show a sense of purpose and clarity of thought, and all that directed to one goal, support her the compositions.

The exhibition invites to honour the often-overlooked values − kindness, compassion, warmth of heart. The works created for the exhibition distinguished by their thoroughness, their sense of Latvian roots, their expression of Latvian life and their awareness of ethical values; as in the ancient song of warriors, with work you show your love for the fatherland.





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