Photo-documentary exhibition "Baricades"

Photo-documentary exhibition "Baricades"

Exhibition of newest acquisitions

Exhibition of newest acquisitions

Exhibition “40 years of Latvian Firefighting museum history”

To celebrate Latvian Firefighting museum 40-year anniversary at 6 th of September, we opened new exhibition “40 years of Latvian Firefighting museum history”. It tells stories about museum itself as well as fire depot building. From museum start until nowadays, main museum missions stays the same, to collect information and items important to firefighting and its history, to educated people especially young ones, about fire safety and safety in different dangerous  situations. Museum says thanks to all people who helped our museum grow, especially all the people who gave their stuff, connected to firefighting, for our museum collection and advice how to improve our museum and of course to all our museum visitors.

Thematic Exhibition “100 years of Latvian firefighting history”

Latvian Fire and Rescue service with its selfless work deservedly earned people’s respect and appreciation. While times goes and country’s social and political structure changes, firefighters’ main task stays the same – to give help to people in need, even if it means risking with their own life while doing it. Today Service implements state policy at fields of firefighting, fire safety, civil protection and emergency call central “112”, by doing fire and rescue service, coordinating departments, non-governmental organization,  municipal firefighting groups and municipal departments. Exhibition   open until  May 15, 2019



Photocoverage of Aleksandrs Vinks from rescue works in supermarket  „Maxima” ,  Riga, Priedaines Street 20 on 21 – 24 November 2013 dedicated to victims of the tragedy open in Latvian Fire-fighting Museum from 17 December 2013.

Aleksander Vink "Portrait – reflection of person’s character and profession"


Latvian Saeima announced 17th May Day of Fire-fighters and Rescuers to honor people who risking their own lives save others in various accidents. Fire Safety and Civil Protection College senior inspector Aleksandrs Vinks has prepared an exhibition - portraits of fire-fighters and rescuers photographed in places of accidents during several years, depicting not only risks and hardships of their profession chosen but also romantics of it.