Exhibition “Don’t play with fire”Print


In Latvian Fire-fighting Museum opened Iartist Daina Lapiņa art exhibition about fire safety, “Don’t play with fire”.

 Artist born in Baldone, year 1943. Graduated from Latvian Art academy, graphics department. From 1976 member of Latvian artist union. Mainly made art for children books and animations films, made graphic works for advertisements. The theme of her work is colourful and poetic, with touch of humour.

Mrs. Lapiņa says “Fire has two natures, good and evil. Fire and greatly improve people life but any careless action with fire can lead to tragic consequences. After learning details about fire and firefighting, I made exhibition about children’s and fire safety and named it “Don’t play with fire”.  In 1986 publisher “Liesma”, published children’s book with same name, but art works combined with work of poet P.Jurciņa.      Art works is more than 30 years but message of this exhibition is s important nowadays as it was back then.

Those paintings specially dedicated to preschool and junior school children.