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Monitoring logbook of radioactive contamination in the area of deployment ofthe Baltic military region Civil defence regiment (k/d 42216), May–June 1986 (Buda-Varivici, Chernobyl, Ukraina)



Manual anemometerfor measuring speed of the wind. Produced on 1938. Invented by John Tomas Romni Robinson on 1846. Presented by USSR Fire Research Institute Leningrad  branch, used by Fire Board Fire Testing Station at 1960s (now Fire Testing Laboratory by Fire  Safety and Civil Protection College).




Fire helmet- army model, metal, with comb. Used by Ministry of Interior Fire Board headquarters deputy chief Gunars Borizo (1929-1990) at  1960-1970s. Presented to Museum by his wife Tamara Jurkova.








Protective fire helmet, produced in the USA, used by State Fire and Rescue Service Riga region 4th brigade commander captain Valdis Dzerve.

On 21st November 2013 roof of supermarket ‘Maxima” in Riga, Priedaines Street 20 collapsed, taking lives of 54 people, among them were 3 fire-fighters rescuers. 12 fire-fighters rescuers were wounded, one of them was Valdis Dzerve, and only protective  helmet saved his life.