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This year, we received generous addition to our collection of 1920’s and 1930’s photos, which sadly happens increasingly rare nowadays.


Alexander Spiridonov (1901-1978) devoted his entire life to firefighting. In our collection we received five portraits from 1924 to 1933, featuring A.Spiridonov's professional growth. He was member of Riga Castle 3rd firefighters Brigade and Riga “Peter” Volunteer Fire Brigade. Awarded the Latvian Fire Brigade and Organizational Union Awards "For diligence” third class in 1931 and "For Outstanding Merits in Fire Fighting" fourth class in 1934. In 1933 graduated Officer Testing Course.

Since the opening of the museum in 1978, a black leather helmet, which has protected its owner at least three major fires in Riga: in 1927 and 1930 at the Provodnik factory, in 1929 at Delka and others, has been an honorary item in our exhibit.


This October, Austris Gaņģis, the third generation firefighter, a former Ogre city firefighter from 1986 to 2013. Gave to our museum 29 photos of firefighters from the first half of last century. Photos show firefighters at work, while doing sports and recreation activities, as well as development of prominent firefighter’s trough history.

The first firefighter in his family, Nikolajs Gangis (1885-1941), from 1918 to mid-1920s, was a coachman for Riga City Fire Brigade. Later Nikolai and Eduard, the sons of N.Gangis, were firefighters for the Riga City Fire Brigade too.

Firefighters of Riga City Fire Brigade fourth Division - 1st place winners of volleyball contest. Hanzas street 5 depot, end of 1930s.

Riga City Fire Brigade first Division employees in Maskavas Street 1b depot yard, 1930’s. In the first row, the fifth from the left sits 2nd divisons brandmaster Jānis (Žanis) Ansons, the sixth Riga brandmajor Arthur Kiesner, the eighth brandmajor assistant Eizen Leija, the ninth chapter 4 brandmaster Eduards Lapovics

Staff of Riga City Fire Brigades first Division in training at Maskavas Street 5, 1930’s.





At  19th of September 2018,  we received architect Jāņa Vilhelma Orleāna (1891-1986) medals, chest badges from Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and France firefighters unions, Baltic state firefighters union, International Firefighters association (CTIF) and unique Latvian Firefighters unions arm bands.


All those items what tells story about life of Jānis Vilhelms Orleāns, we received from his son Oļģerts Orleāns and his family.

We are pleased and grateful to Jānis Vilhelms Orleāns family for preserving this unique items and donating them to our museum collection.