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To visitors of museum

During Ligo night festival 23-24 June   Museum closed. Working hours on pre-holidays 22 June – 10.00 – 16.00


Aleksejs Skaderovs been long time firefighter, he started on this path in 1977 when he started to work in communication division as engineer. Later in 1990’s he became, at first chief deputy, later chief of SFRS communication division. In 2006, he retired from active duty and nowadays he works in Ministry of Interior communication department. Aleksejs Skaderovs is very versatile man, with many hobbies starting from sport and traveling to constructing different miniature models, which takes a lot of skill, time, precision and knowledge about real life machinery. In this exhibition, we offer the look into fire engines of first half of last century’s as well as military machinery of Second World War. Our museum wish to Aleksejs Skaderovs good health and undying vigor, as well as new projects that could surprise our visitor in future.

New artist planer in museum

Today, first day of summer, students and teachers of Ķekavas art school organized planer for new talents, in our museum. For now in our museum you can see exposition from last Ķekavas art school planer in that happened in our museum last year, but latter new works that students made today will be exhibited in September as part of exhibition to our 40 years anniversary.

To visitors of museum

Dear Visitors ! 19 Мау - Museum opened 19.00-01.00 (20 Мау);  25 Мay - Museum closed.


11.05.2018 − 01.09.2018 Last summer students form Ķekava Art school met at Latvian Firefighting museum in Riga. This gave them a possibility to interact and draw objects connected with firefighting. In summary it was a good experience that gave students new impressions and knowledge.  School’s plain-air usually happens in the first week of June, when students have a chance to visit different cultural locations, for example, Latvian Firefighting museum, Botanic garden, and Latvian open-air museum, Railway History museum to explore and to put their emotions and creativity on paper. Ķekavas art school with 260 students is one of the largest in Latvia. School program offers 16 different lecture curses, teaching students to draw, paint, make compositions; they learn basics of photography, ceramics, textiles, graphics, computer graphics, animations and design. In this creative excursion participated the most experienced students led by teachers – Elīnas Plūme, Zīle Ozoliņa-Šneidere, Liene Ratnika, Iveta Šveisberga un Signe Kalēja. Ķekavas art school’s students and teachers hope this exhibition will be enjoyable and will give positive emotions to visitors. Latvian Firefighting museum is always happy to support children in their studies and road to improvements.

Revival of traditions

Around 1913 new tradition was born, to attach special celebratory nails to flag polls. This tradition becomes especially popular after Latvia becomed independent at 1918.  At 10. April at our museum, general Normunds Plēģermanis celebrated his retirement, after more than 30 years in service. He said thank to all firefighting service for challenges and possibility’s for self-improvement as well as said thanks to his work mates for support and partnership in his time in service. To rekindle the old tradition he attached to firefighting service flag celebratory nail, what he made by himself, to celebrate and mark his time in firefighting service. We say thanks to N. Plēģermanis for rekindling and support for old traditions, and wish luck strong health and success in coming years.  

Research about the Latvian people contribution in containment of the dangerous consequences of the Chernobyl NPP accident

On the 5 th of March the exhibition “We will never forget you!”dedicated to the actors involved in the elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl NPP accident was visited by Dr.Pavel Sekula, Assistant of Ukrainian Department of International and Political Studies Faculty at the Krakowa Jagiellonian University (Poland). Mr Sekula writes a book about the contribution of the population in limiting and elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl NPP accident, including Latvian inhabitant’s contribution. After visiting the exhibition, Dr.Pavels Sekula welcomed wealth of the museum's collection, the quality of exhibition and amount of information collected. He applied to visit museum once more time this summer as well as exchange with his own information and materials. We wish to Dr.Pavel Sekula success in the research of such important information and saving for future generations.


07.03.2018 – 26.03.2018 PHOTO EXHIBITION OF THE STUDENTS OF RIGA STYLE AND FASHION TECHNICAL COLLEGE UNDER THE PROGRAM "PHOTOGRAPHER" AND "SPECIALIST OF PHOTO DESIGN" “ZIEM E LBLAZMA – PARK OF CULTURE AND RECREATION” Just a good photo today is not enough to surprise everyone, so RSFT College’s teacher Linda Ratuta in her practical classes, when comprehending the necessary knowledge of the photographer, looks for and uses any creative possibilities - be it in the Botanical Garden, the Ethnographic Museum or in the neighbourhood of the college of Jugla micro district itself. RSFT technical college presented to the exhibition photos of the Ziemelblazma Park of culture and recreation, mostly in black and white tonality, with some ambition to claim their involvement in art, and in colour - pictures from everyday life of the park, types of arbours from different angles chosen by the pupils... The exhibition is a good present to celebration of Latvia’s Centenary and its guests. It is not only interesting to residents of Vecmilgravis, but also to visitors from other remote districts, since, as life circumstances determine, not everyone has already visited the restored Ziemelblazma Park .

Ebru exibition “Nature emotions and nature of the emotions. The beauty of the experience”

02.02. – 28.02.2018. In nine century, new drawing technique, whit help of water, was born and its name –Ebru. Soon after the this new technique become one of the main technique what was used in designing manuscripts, patterns for fabrics and ceramics in all of Asia. In 2014 Ebru drawing technique was added to UNESCO world Heritage list. Last five years in Riga studio “EBRU Riga” have been actively working to popularise this unique technique and for many new artists it’s been giving knowledge’s to express all range of their emotions and learn new ones. The magic in Ebru is the expressiveness what you can achieve. You can tell the story of the world and this unique technique gives the life to it, with Ebru main theme – spiritual nature of the rhythm. If you can master this rhythm then it can tell all your feeling and nature through your work. That is the reason why this unique technique has survived through centuries, is adored to this day. Participatints: Studio “Ebru Riga“ opens this new exposition in anticipation of spring, and with that try’s to show beauty and emotions of the nature in different times of year and from different point of views. Come to this new exposition and see the those views of new or experience, young or old artist. Each with their own favourite themes and ways of expressions. In exposition there will be works of Irina Trumpele, Olga Orlova, Ieva Šolmane, Alla Neganova, Inga Pelše, Ilze Krāģe. Dzintara Žvingule, Natālija Jumiķe, Astra Leistraute, Sabīne Kkvorcova, Jegora Lisanova, Elizabete Ksenija Ivanova and Nikola Petrašenkova, Gabriel Skraucis.