Current events

Riga Style and Fashion Technical College students’ photo exhibition “Portrait in the Window”

08.06. − 31.07.2020. For the past 7 years, students of Riga Style and Fashion Technical School have been visiting the Latvian Fire Museum, learning about Latvian firefighting history, the basics of fire safety and civil protection. The aim of the exhibition is to promote the development and understanding of security culture and sense of beauty in the youth, and to usefully organizing their free time. Linda Ratuta, the Riga Style and Fashion Technical college leading teacher of photo study notes that: “After visiting the museum, we always discuss what we see. This time, under the influence of the black and white works of the world's photographers, an idea for the photo exhibition theme "Portrait in the Window" emerged. The window is like a safe haven. Peace. Home. Heat. For the. Hope. Longing. Friendship. Love. Creative work in a school studio with one light is a combination of peace of mind and the interaction of light. I want that the passion and inspiration shown by young people when working with a black and white theme, make you think about the most precious moments of your life, to feel the safety provided to us by our home (window, looking at the world). The school has been operating a black and white photo laboratory for 2 years, where students work with black and white negative and positive photo materials, but the works exhibited in the exhibition been made with digital process. In practical lessons, making this exhibition school students acquire photo technical knowledge and practical skills, develop a sense of harmony and a creative spirit”. To the students our museum wishes a creative success and to become notable photographers, enriching the society with works depicting the philosophy of security!

The museum comes to life…

After a considerable period of relative silence, today (June 4 th ), 36 students with teachers from the summer camp “Summer with Sports”, based in Riga Classical Gynasium, visited our museum. For last months, the largest par of visitors where individuals or families. We are happy to see understanding and observance of safety discipline. We believe that with help of Lucky Chimney Sweeper button we will get past these trying times  and return back to active and social daily life!

From 15th of May we open our museum!

We are pleased to announce that from 15 th of May (this Friday). The Latvian Fire Fighting Museum will open its doors to visitors. According to security requirements, the museum will be able to accommodate up to 25 visitors at a time, group tours for up to 10 people. It’s mandatory to strictly maintaining a distance of 2 meters between visitors during the visit, without crowding, unless the persons live in the same household. People with signs of respiratory infection (fever, cough, shortness of breath) please do not visit the museum, but contact your family doctor. Let us observe public safety on a daily basis and defeat the virus in an organized way! Visitors welcome to our museum!  

The solemn oath

On Wednesday, 13 th of May, State Fire and Rescue Service call centredispatchers, who starts their service, took a solemn oath in our museums Hall of Fame. The efficiency of structural units at the scene depends, at large extent, to communication skills, psychological resilience and competence of the new officials. To young women we wish to have successful service!

Exhibition of newest acquisitions

13.05.2020 - 31.12.2020 In recent years the collection of our Museum has been supplemented with valuable and rare items from the beginning of the last century, which were once used by known firefighters or association of firefighters. Valuable photographs with descriptions made by Riga city volunteer firefighters groups veterans in 1913-1932.  Dated documents, volunteer firefighters wristbands from 1930s, household items, awards and items for firefighters' harnesses. From September 11th till 12th 1926, the founding conference of the Baltic Firefighters' Association took place in Riga, and on September 12, its participants visited of voluntary firefighters unions in Nordeķi, leaving their signatures in unions guest book. This book, with meaningful historical records, the flag of Zaķusala BUB with an embroidered hare, firefighters helmets from first half of the 20th century, axes and the awards of A. Johansons, who was member of Cēsu voluntary firefighters union. Mentioned items are part of the National Museums Collection that are stored in our museum. We are grateful to all the donors, especially volunteer firefighters veterans and Amanda Balta, the grand daughter of August Johansson(1902 -1944),  she gifted to our museum, her grandfather awards and documents signed by A. Kviesis and K. Ulmanis, former presidents of the Latvian Republic. Thank to the Commander of the Cēsu Firefighting Department, Kaspars Dravants for the assistance in formation of gift documents. Firefighters parade helmet, from 1920-1930

Commemorating the 34th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster

The night of April 26, 1986, the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, created an invisible shadow of horror over the world, a real threat to the civilization. To limit the consequences of the accident, the Soviet Union mobilized all possible resources, including more than 6 thousand people from Latvia, to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude for all the heroic work done for our benefit and giving most spacial things in life- health and for some, their life. In deep gratitude, we bow our heads in front of the participants to liquidation works of Chernobyl stations nuclear accident, we wish everyone good health and may God protect you! Ministry of Interior memorial medal to honor people who worked in Chernobyl’s disaster effects liquidation works. Nr. 001



On March in our museum opened new exposition from made children's creative works that where collected, over many years, from different children's safety themed competitions. Children's works  where made in different techniques and formats, confirming not only the artistic taste and ability of young, but also show understanding about philosophies and practicalities of everyday safety.

Exposition “Guardians of Firefighters”

Like many traditionall profession, firefighter too have has its guardians. Protecting one of the world's most dangerous professions members, and fellow humans from the dangers of fires and other emergencies, often in unexplained, miraculous ways. In Christian religion firefighters patrons have received status of saints and symbols of those saints are often used in different countries firefighters heraldry. Like graphic elements related to guardians, sculptures, faleristics and souvenirs. In February of this year, our museum opened little exhibition, that offers inside into world of firefighters saints.

Personnel Management department in our museum

Yesterday, March 11, our museum visited State Fire and Rescue Service the Human Resources Department. Following thesis "There is no future without the past", the visitors learned about the fire and rescue service's history and work traditions. The lessons they learned can be useful and help to facilitate the recruitment process.

The Riga Motor Museum receives unique fire-fighting vehicles

The combination of the State Fire and Rescue Service and our Museum's long-standing business connections with the Riga Motor Museum, the Motor Museum collection has beencomplement with a growing number of unique, served, specialised fire trucks. On Iveco Magirus chassis based, one off in Latvia, 50m long ladder with a lift. The world's only 32m high-angle car lift on a ZIL-131 full traction chassis what made in last century, at Riga’s Aviation factory and other interesting models. We are delighted that the historically remarkable, unique, technically and constructively interesting machinery been preserved for the next generations.