Current events

Culture and security

On Saturday, February 6, Kultūrdeva an entertaining and informative cultural talk show, visited the Latvian Fire Museum. Kristīne Komarovska, the host of the program, together with Ints Teterovskis, the choir conductor and the director of choir's Balss , discussed experiences of remote rehearsals during the pandemic in preparations of upcoming Song Festival, while exploring museum's exposition. Our museum has been chosen as a meeting place, because is approaching, 112 day (February 11). It’s dedicated to celebration and promotion of this emergency number. Jolanta Graubiņa, the dispatcher of the Call Center of the State Emergency and Rescue Service 112, informed the audience about the 112 day and remained about the correct communication in cases of emergency.

The museum is closed

Due to the restrictive measures of the pandemic, the Latvian Fire Fighting museum is closed to visitors to  06 April, 2021!     Yours – Latvian Fire-fighting Museum

Solemn oath

At the end of the special training course, strictly following the pandemic safety regulations, on this Monday, December 14, the dispatchers of the State Fire and Rescue Service regional 112 Call Centers, took an oath to serve the public in good conscience in our Museums Hall of Fame. Successful firefighting and rescue operations depend to a large extent on the qualifications of dispatchers, the understending of foreign languages, special expertise, practice and service experience. We wish the new officials success in the service!

Procedures for visiting our museum during an emergency

In response to announced emergency measures, from  03 December 2020 untill  11 January 2021 ,  Latvian Fire Museum will be accessible only for individuals, except for members of one household. To enter you must wear face masks, use hand disinfection and body temperature will be measured. We will regulate visitors movement in our museum, ensuring that no more than 25 people . In our  website: , interested parties can  get acquainted with the museum's current events, exhibition annotations, research activities, fragments of the permanent exposition. Let's be disciplined and responsible. Lets protect ourselves and our fellow human beings, and victory over Covid 19 will be ours!

New exhibition at Cēsis fire station dedicated to 100th anniversary of firefighting in Latvia

From 30 of September, the thematic exhibition dedicated to 100 years history of firefighting in Latvian will be open to public at state fire and rescue service, Vidzeme region brigades Cēsis division. one of the most beautiful in the country. Together with exhibition you will be able to see unique single-cylinder pump (the only specimen in Latvia) with a double-sided (opposing) piston on a horse-drawn uniaxial sprung, manufactured in 1907 at the factory Langensiefen & Co (German) that was a subsidiary to company from St. Petersburg (Russia). In the future, the exhibition will be regularly updated and such expositions will be gradually expanded to other regions, so that a bigger part of Latvian people outside Riga can get acquainted with the history and development of Latvian fire and rescue service.

Condolences when Vladislav Žerdiņš leaves

We express our deepest condolences to Velta Žerdiņa the first director of our museum with the death of her spouse Vladislav Žerdiņš. Vladislavs Žerdiņš, firefighting veteran, retired lieutenant colone, one of the first Latvian who in 1950s, graduated from the Firefighting Faculty of the Riga Military School, served in fire departments in various positions, educated new firefighters, laid the foundations for the establishment of an operational fire brigade, twice awarded with medal "For bravery in fire". After retirement, he put knowledge, experience, energy and skills into establishing and developing Latvian Fire Museum.

Exhibition at Ainaži Fire Museum

It has become a tradition to open our new thematic exhibitions at the Ainaži Fire Museum every autumn. This time, the exhibition dedicated to heat generating equipment (stoves, boilers, fireplaces, etc.) and the important role of the chimneysweepers. Museums regularly exchange information and experience, a real pleasure for the consistent development of the Ainaži Fire Museum, enriching the exhibition with new exclusive objects, modern demonstration and communication equipment and technologies. Wishing all the best!

92 to Visvaldis Voins

Today, September 16, we celebrate veteran, retired lieutenant colonel Visvaldis Voins 92nd birthday. He was one of main biathlon promoter after World War II, member of the Latvian national team in firefighting sports, the first in the USSR and one of three Latvian people who awarded with three "For bravery in fire" medals. In his honour, the well-known artist Valentīna Zeile created a bronze bust in the 1970s.  After retiring from the service, V.Voins actively participates in the improvement and development of the Latvian Fire Museum collection, organizes and supports events for firefighting veterans. We wish Visvaldis Voin a lot of happiness, strong health, inexhaustible energy and many years!

Solemn event and exhibition dedicated to the participants of Chernobyl NPP accident consequences liquidations works

On September 10, a solemn event dedicated to members of the Chernobyl NPP accident consequences liquidation works took place at our the museum. During the event, Arnolds Vērzemnieks, President of the Latvia Union “Chernobyl”, informed the audience about the Union activities for last thirty years. Maris Šops, Vice-President of the Chernobyl, gave union’s medals including Orders of Bogdan Khmelnytsky and Golden Stars of the Hero of Ukraine, to people who worked as consequences liquidators and other activists. At the same time, a thematic exhibition dedicated to the long-term activity’s of the Latvian Union “Chernobyl” been opened in the museum and will displayed until the end of 2020.