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Exhibition “Power, grace and gentleness”

  04.12.2017. – 24.01.2018.             “Photographer has a clear soul but dirty knees” – this phrase excellently illustrates photo genre in which, for the past four years, Alexandra Saveljeva has been working. For photo models, she uses different individuals from animal kingdom. Each of them has special temperament and emotions as well as different looks and styles. Today author exhibits photographs of her favorite and largest models – horses.           Until 20 century, horse was the main mean of transportation starting from each farmhouse, army, post office, fire brigade etc. For many civilizations, living a day without horse was unimaginable.           Aleksandra tells that in childhood, she was fascinated with inner power of horses as well as their grace and gentleness, and this fasciation never went away. There is no other animal in this world, who has such emotional beauty and who can be not only gentle but also ironic and romantic. In the heat of summer, we can see how horses caress each other and, in the evening, when cooler winds surrounds them, they leap and rush, with heads up, their mane fluttering in the wind they run together in the fields. Sometimes it seems that horse has learned some characteristics from a man; from time to time, the horse pretends that it is too tired or at other times on purpose steps on foots of the rider who once made him feel bad. In the end, they always wait for a rider who comes with some tasty food and cheers them.           Aleksandras goal in this exposition is too show the bridge between human and horse. The bridge that manifests trust, that stays between them for a lifetime.           Nowadays in the world, there is a lot of situations when so many animals die and some species extinct, mainly because of peoples’ actions. Alexandra tries to show beauty of animals, to make people feel some empathy and to encourage them to think more about nature. Latvian firefighting museum

Working hours during Latvian State Festivity

17 November - 10.00-16.00 18 November - closed 19 November - closed 20 November - closed

Eleonora Grigorjeva photo exhibition “MY FAMILY AND OTHER ANIMALS”

13.10.2017 ‒ 23.11.2017 Introduction Like human, pets trough they life experience different events and some time they got in situations where they need other’s help. Often help is given by firefighters, helping our pets and other animals to get out of sticky situations. This year, most often our firefighters helped cats in Riga city territory, in total 114 cats where saved from difficult situations. In same time only 31 dog in Riga city territory needed firefighters, help. Statistic says that, from emergency calls of first nine month, 617 was to help animals (357 calls was related with pets, 25 with livestock, 289 with wild animals and birds). Many of animals, what is saved by firefighters, are different and unique, bat trough them recurs one feeling – gratitude to firefighters for saving there life.   Eleonora Grigorjeva

Exhibition “Children’s about firefighting, rescuing and safety”

In Latvian Firefighting Museum (Hanzas street 5, Riga) from 5 October you will be able to exhibition “Children’s about firefighting, rescuing and safety”.   From 27 th of February until 30 th of May Latvian Fire and Rescue service organized workshop “My summer – safe summer”, what target was to educated children’s about safety in summer break. The work what they made shows results of those lectures and practical lessons, as well as interest about Fire and rescue service and Firefighter job in general. This little exposition shows some of those works that represents there understanding about stuff they learned.   Results of contest was announced in:    

To Skanstes district

Yesterday (27 th of September) our museum participated in event “Future vision of Skanstes district” at Grostonas street. Guest of event was able to do little safety exercise and competition, the winners of activities got free tickets to our museum. As well as interested people were able to get more detail information about firefighting service and our museum.

Travelling exhibitions in Cultural Center of Auce

Travelling exhibitions   of Latvian Fire-fighting Museum “We will never forget you !” and “Civil protection” – dedicated to Latvian participants of Chernobyl rescue works after nuclear accident and development of civil protection - are to be viewed up t o 2 November in Cultural Center of Auce in Auce, Ausmas Street 3.

Solemn oath

On 22th September 2017 in the Hall of Honor of Latvian Fire-fighting Museum solemn oath was given by new dispatchers of State Fire and Rescue Service Call Center.

Technical features that improves fire safety in home

As 19 th of April 2016 Cabinet of Ministers “Fire safety rules” ruling Nr.238 stats that from 1 st of January 2020, every house in Latvia must have fire detectors and fire extinguishers. In our museum, practise room, you are able to get information that is needed for baying them and try some models out, for learning porpoises. Fire detectors greatly improves survival chances in case of fire, so they are one of best gift for you, your family and friends.

Exhibition “Postcards about fire-fighting” in Ainazi Fire-fighting museum

Latvian Fire-fighting museums exhibition “Postcards about firefighting” from 12.09.2017 until 10.09.2018 will be exhibited in Ainazi Fire-fighting Museum, Valdemara Street No 69, Ainazi. This exhibition contains everyday fire safety items and materials, from Valmieras voluntary fire-fighter Janis-Alberts Matulis (1912-1989) collection.

Exhibition “No to Terrorism” in Latvian Fire-fighting Museum

Sixteen years ago the world faced the largest terrorist attack. 11 September  2001 attacks were  series of coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda. Four passenger airliners were hijacked. Two of them were crashed into North and South towers of the World Trade Center. Within an hour and 42 minutes both 110-storey towers collapsed. The third plane was crashed into Pentagon in Washington. The fourth plane initially was steered towards White House in Washington, but crashed in the field in Pennsylvania. In total the attacks climed lives of 2973 people including 343 fire-fighters and 60 policemen. Up to 9000 people were wounded. 11 September 2001 changed the international environment and global security. It united people of the world in struggle against terrorism. On this day we commemorate victims of terrorism in the whole world. The exhibition is open until 30 September.