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Irina Trumpele art exhibition “FIRE DANCE”

Irina Trumpele art exhibition  “FIRE DANCE” Latvian Fire Fighting museum 19.12.2018. – 20.01.2019. This is anniversary exhibition. Author of exhibition doesn’t want to make conclusions, but to open new artistic frontiers. That is why, this exhibitions contains art works from different phases artist life and in same time contains small pieces from possible future artworks. Fire as theme is quiet ambiguous. It can show destruction, fear, even death but in same time warmth, new life and future, I general fire stays as spring of inspiration. In this exposition visitor will be able to embrace author philosophical vision through art works and at opening event through performances. Irina Trumpele  born in 1958. From 1984 till 2014 studied at Abram Bikov and Vitaly Karkunov painting studio in Riga, Ila Pal workshop in Bombay (India), in Jurmala, Georg Shelkovoy painting master workshop, she studied composition of paintings and in private master workshops in Konya and Istanbul, she studied painting style of ebru. Her first personal exhibition was in Salaspils at 1986, bat after that she made many others personal exhibition and together with other artists made many joined exhibitions, what was shown in different art galleries in Riga, Jurmala, Deli, Bombay and ebru style exhibition what was shown in Latvian Turkish embassy. Her works now is owned by many art collectors from Latvia, Russia, USA, India, Sweden, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Iran and Japan. She works with different art techniques like portraits, silent nature, ebru, watercolour, oils and acres paints. After New York archbishop order, she made icons “Power of Christ” and “Holy spirit” and composition “Christ in roads of India”. In her works, she tried to show spiritual values. From 1990 she often lives in India and paints it’s nature, there she learns eastern philosophy and art mediation. From 2005 she periodically travels to Turkey and Iran to work there. In 2013 she opened ebru painting style school in Riga for children’s and adults. The art basic she teaches with individual way for each student, to show that improving your creative is the way how to improve your personality. Latvian Fire Fighting museum

Educational contest about fire safety

This 27 th and 29 th of November, in our museum happens contest for Riga city schools fourth-class children’s about fire safety “Watch the fire”. Contest goal is to teach young children’s, how to act in dangerous situations and about fire safety.  On the first competition day, nine teams from Riga city schools competed for first place. These day winners where fourth class of Riga city 88 th Secondary School, second place went to fourth class of Riga city 34 th Secondary School and third place went to fourth class of Riga city 86 th Secondary School. Winning team of 29 th of Novembers contest was Riga city 33th Secondary School, second place went to Riga city Jāņa Poruka Secondary School, and third place to Riga city Imantas Secondary School. Contest final will take place in Fire safety and civil protection collage (Ķengaraga street 3) at 5 th of December. We wish luck and safe days to all participants and we hope that this contest helps all participants to remember how to act in dangerous situations and where to find help, if needed.  

Latvian State Defence Fund Award

Today, 8 th of November, at our museum president of Latvian State Defence Fund “LĀČPLĒSIS” Jānis Ivars Kasparsons together with Latvian firefighting sport federations vice-president Artis Kronbergs awarded fund honorary award to Republic of Belarus Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations, Major-General Aleksandrs Šamks. For contribution to the sports development for Latvian youth and Daugava basin chemical accident consequences liquidation, as well as to celebrate his 50 year anniversary.


12.10.−12.12.2018.   On October 12th 2018 Latvian Firefighting museum opens photo exhibition “Not only birds can fly” that are dedicated to 100 year anniversary of Riga Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers. This exhibition will be one of the first events for this anniversary. Aviation industry in 21 century have taken important role in world and Latvian rescue services. Planes, helicopters, drones plays large part in putting down forest fires, saving people extreme conditions and as reconnaissance of different disasters.  Elena Tihomirova  more than 18 years works as professional photographer, studied photo art with experienced photographers like Nikolaj Šelušenkov, Valērij Miņkov, Anatolij Karkockij, Olga Jaunzeme un Arkādij Iļuščenko. From 1997 she is an active member of Latvian Belarussian Association and Ita Kozakēviča Association of Latvian National Cultural Societies, from 2004 member of Baltic Belarussian association “Маю гонар” (My Honor). The exhibition author says: “I hope that way, how my exhibition shows sky and how earth looks from there, will inspire youth to explore sky and maybe even become pilots or flight attendants. Sky are like see without shores, only one swim can make you fall in love and eager to return….”

We received new items for museum collections

At 19 th of September, we received architect Jāņa Vilhelma Orleāna (1891-1986) medals, chest badges from Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and France firefighters unions, Baltic state firefighters union, International Firefighters association (CTIF) and unique Latvian Firefighters unions arm bands. From 1937 until 1940, he worked as Riga city Firefighters division chief. Parallel to that he was Latvian Firefighters union’s board and council member, member of Ministry of Interior Construction Department Technical council, Secretary of the Construction Board, Representative of the Architect's Association at the Arts and Crafts Chambers, department Head of Passive Air Defence and Construction Supervision of the Riga City Construction Board. In 1944, he emigrated to Germany and in 1946 he opened architectural office there. Later in 1958 he moved to USA and until 1967 worked as South Dakota state building inspector. All those items what tells story about life of Jānis VilhelmsOrleāns, we received from his son Oļģerts Orleāns and his family. We are pleased and grateful to Jānis Vilhelms Orleāns family for preserving this unique items and donating them to our museum collection.

Solemn oath

On 12th September 2018 in the Hall of Honor of Latvian Fire-fighting Museum solemn oath was given by new dispatchers of State Fire and Rescue Service Call Center.

Express exhibition – “NO to terrorism!”

From 11 th of September until 11 th of October, in our museum new exhibition shown about New York World Trade Center (USA) terror attack. It tell story about how that day unfold, about experiences of firefighters, rescue workers and other involved in event.

Exhibition “40 years of Latvian Firefighting museum history”

To celebrate Latvian Firefighting museum 40-year anniversary at 6 th of September, we opened new exhibition “40 years of Latvian Firefighting museum history”. It tells stories about museum itself as well as fire depot building. From museum start until nowadays, main museum missions stays the same, to collect information and items important to firefighting and its history, to educated people especially young ones, about fire safety and safety in different dangerous  situations. Museum says thanks to all people who helped our museum grow, especially all the people who gave their stuff, connected to firefighting, for our museum collection and advice how to improve our museum and of course to all our museum visitors.

To visitors of museum

Dear visitor! Today 6 th of September museum is close, sorry for the inconvenience.     Yours – Latvian Fire-fighting Museum


Aleksejs Skaderovs been long time firefighter, he started on this path in 1977 when he started to work in communication division as engineer. Later in 1990’s he became, at first chief deputy, later chief of SFRS communication division. In 2006, he retired from active duty and nowadays he works in Ministry of Interior communication department. Aleksejs Skaderovs is very versatile man, with many hobbies starting from sport and traveling to constructing different miniature models, which takes a lot of skill, time, precision and knowledge about real life machinery. In this exhibition, we offer the look into fire engines of first half of last century’s as well as military machinery of Second World War. Our museum wish to Aleksejs Skaderovs good health and undying vigor, as well as new projects that could surprise our visitor in future.