Current events

Day of shadows in our museum

Yesterday, February 12 th , during the Day of Shadows, Riga city 64 th high school 1st class pupil Vincents Budjakovs and Riga city 11 th elementary school 5th class student Reinis Liger shadowed our deputy director Ilze Bergman. The Shadows rated of children's drawings and selection them for the upcoming thematic exhibition, learned about the museum's exposition, interactive museum pedagogical programs, and gave an evaluation of the museum's offer and new interesting ideas for future museum development. We are grateful for the initiative from the Shadows, their genuine interest in the development of a fire safety, and wish the youngsters good luck in school and future. We hope that they will possible continue their life in field of fire and civil protection, preservation and research !

Visit from Ainažu Firefighting museum

On February 11 th , Sarmīte Vilde, the head of the Ainažu Fire Museum, and her colleagues visited us for to friendly experience exchange. The director of the Ainažu Fire Museum have many  new ideas about modernizing the museum's, bringing in the latest technology’s to supplementing the permanent exposition with useful content, to highlighting the fundamentals of daily security, and creating exhibitions about local area. We wish our colleagues the success with planned activities and satisfaction for contribution they give to the improvement of fire safety in Ainaži.

International emergency number-112 day

Celebrating day of 112, the European Union's single emergency call number, today in 11 th of February, Riga city emergency call canter dispatchers showed little presentation and told about their job to visiting children’s, highlighting the need for learner action in emergencies. Let's be smarter and safe in very day life !

Silvia Auere Pastel paintings

05.02.2020. – 06.03.2020.   Silvia Avere born in Ozolnieki, Jelgava District. Graduated from Riga School of Applied Arts, Department of Ceramics and State Art Academy's Department of Glass Art. From 1965 − 1979 she been a visual art teacher and director of amateur art studios in Riga, a long-time member of the Latvian Artists' Union, and has been participating in its exhibitions since 1976. Silvia’s works are exhibited in the Artists' Union Gallery, the Museum of Applied Art and as part of private collections in Latvia and abroad. For many years, she has been delighting viewers with expressive portraits, reflecting the most characteristic features of a people face in a minute. Silvia works share a common goal − to show continuous adventure to the audience using her thoughts, senses and wide range of emotions in the drawings of saturated, pastel still life. The artist's works are sunny, jest, lifelike, with careful work show a sense of purpose and clarity of thought, and all that directed to one goal, support her the compositions. The exhibition invites to honour the often-overlooked values − kindness, compassion, warmth of heart. The works created for the exhibition distinguished by their thoroughness, their sense of Latvian roots, their expression of Latvian life and their awareness of ethical values; as in the ancient song of warriors, with work you show your love for the fatherland.  

Margarita Kosenko photo exposition “FIRE GUARDS”

12.12.2019.−12.02.2020. Latvian Firefighting museum Hanzas 5, Riga. Margarita, author of exposition, studies third year in Latvian Culture College and this is her first persona photo exhibition. Exhibitions theme, firefighters and their work, came to her in moment when she passed one of Riga city firefighters depot. Margarita speaking about days she joined, Riga city second firefighters division. “Before first day, I felt a bit stressful. Asked myself if they accept me, won’t I interfere with their job? However, in end of day, stress was gone and I even did not want to leave. Every time I visited second division, firefighters where open, friendly and happy to work together.” Author’s main goal, for this project, was to learn about firefighter’s workday and time between calls and show her experiences through photos. Our museum, wishes to Margarita, success with her first exhibition and possibilities to express creative potential in other ways too.

The winners of the traditional Safety competition ”Look after fire”

Following the semi-finals of competition “Look after fire” at the Latvian Firefighting Museum on December 4, the College of Fire and Civil Defense held the final, where school teams fought for first place. In the finals, teams competed in first aid knowledge, demonstrating team spirit, orienteering skills, and other skills as part of everyday safety. Third place winners, Riga 88 Secondary Schools 4th grade team, second place - Riga Kengarags Secondary School and winners of first place Riga 34th Secondary School 4th grade team. Congratulations to the best!

Safety contest” Look after fire”

This 26 th and 28 th November, our museum hosts annual 4th grader competitions "Watch the Fire" the semi-finals. Organized by the Riga City Councils Children's Youth Center "Daugmale", our Museum and the Fire and Civil Defence College. As part of the competition, school team’s presents their homework, complete tasks about basic safety, demonstrate skills and abilities to handle dangerous situations. The final will happen at the College of Fire and Civil Defence, where top six teams will fight for first place. We wish team’s good luck in the race and safety in everyday life!


Our museums exhibition dedicated to remembrance of supermarkets Maxima, at Priedaines street 20s roof collapse reminds about biggest tragedy in Latvias recent history, and one of biggest tragedies in Europe, connected with constructions failure. When roof around 1,500 sq.m.collapsed, killing 54 people, including 3 firefighters and injuring dozens more.  493 firefighters and rescuers carried out the rescue work for four days, 25 emergency medical service brigades assisted the victims and they family’s.  as well as 309 Riga Municipal Police officers with 60 specialised vehicles and dozens of National Armed Forces military personnel. Let us not forget the lost, let us live and work, so that common sense wins and such misfortune never hits us!

To visitors of the Museum

Dear visitor! 17 th  and 18 th  of November museum is close, sorry for the inconvenience! Yours – Latvian Fire-fighting Museum