Current events

Izenova Nadezda. Art paintings exhibition “Mozaica of Nature” 4.08. ‒ 4.09.2017.

Izenova Nadezda artist, member of Baltic Belarusian artist Association “Mayu Gonar” (My Honour). She finished graphic art studies in Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute, in Belarus. In 1968, she started to show her work in different exhibitions and from that time until nowadays, she had had many personal exhibitions around Europe: Brzeg town, Poland; Aachen city, Germany; Hertogenbosch city, Nederland; Arsenyev town, Russia and in many Latvian towns and cities: Smarde, Slampe, Tukums, Milzkalne, Engure and Riga. She paints mainly portraits, landscapes, and all her work that you can see in this exhibition comes from different times of her life.   Exhibition openning 4.08.2017.

Exhibition "The Collector" in Valmiera

In context with Valmieras 150 anniversary firefighter’s celebrations, this exhibition dedicated to memory of Janis-Albers Matulis (1912-1989). He was patriot of Valmieras city, voluntary firefighter and collector. He spend a lot of his time and money to collect and protect testimonies about Latvian history. Photos, documents, films, postcards, cartoons et cetera. In our museum collection, there is many items from his personal collection, so we are happy to present this exhibition. Exhibition will be open from 29 th July until 31 st August at fire depo of Valmiera, in Tērbates street 9.

New painter plenere in our museum

In 8 June our museum was filled by eleven till fourteen year-old painters from Ķekavas art school. New artists used our unique exhibitions for inspiration and made many art works in many different styles that showed or exhibitions in new way. The way of new artists. Most interesting works you will be able to see in upcoming exhibitions what will be dedicated to our museum 40-year anniversary.

Vladimir Timofejev personal photo exhibition “Wood harmony”

17.05.2017 - 1.12.2017 Born in 1955, from 1983 worked in different Latvian firefighter departments, bat in 2009 he retired. In years while he worked, he become firefighting veteran and gained Lieutenant Colonel rank. He married Larisu Timofejevu, who comes from long lasting firefighting dynasty – Vorobjovi. She worked in Latvian firefighters testing laboratory bat in later years she used her experience to improve fire safety and civil protection norms, while working in Riga Technical university. Even in primary school, Vladimir liked to make different figurines, especially from wood. As well as he was interested in wood, it’s structure and possibility’s. We can say god and nature gave wood sculptor talent to Vladimir. His work theme is mainly connected to Africa. In his work he love to show, animals and people, there emotions and capture their movements, to make them more natural, more live looking. This is his second exhibition in our museum, and it’s almost 10 years after his first one, so it’s interesting to see his work and style improvements, what developed over the years. And we are pleased, that we have such talented colleague, and we say thanks for his exhibition in our museum. Wishing luck to Vladimir and interest to you. LatvianFirefightingmuseum   

Irakli Abesadze photo exhibition “Every little makes a mickle”

12.05. – 04.06.2017. From May 12th 2017 in Latvian Fire Fighting museumis open Irakli Abesadze “personal work” photo exhibition “Every little makes a mickle”. Irakli Abesadze, a doctor and photographer, was born in Kutaisi, Georgia in the family of well-known sculptor. He spent his childhood in the atmosphere of love for the arts that affected his passion for photography at an early age. In 1983, after graduation from Leningrad Paediatric Medical Institute, he moved to Riga, where he has been working as a doctor for many years and dedicating all his free time to art photography. The main theme of the artist's works – is to see and portray human emotions and inner beauty in all its diversity in different situations. Irakli Abesadze does it proficiently and with love... Photographer says – “I love to find beauty and knowledge in everyday life and I try to show it in my photos. I believe that genre art photography is the best way to see people dreams, experiences and mood. Ordinary people in their daily rush is my favourite theme. This exposition does not have one main theme that is why I called it “Every little makes a mickle”. Most of the photographs were taken in different places of Latvia, but some are from other countries.” Latvian firefighting museum is truly delighted to show visitors Irakli Abesadze’s works that includes so large spectrum of places and philosophical ideas. We wish photographer many creative and more interesting exhibitions for art lovers.  Latvian Fire Fighting museum   Irakli Abesadze

Commemoration of victims of Chernobyl nuclear accident

On 26 April 2017 commemoration of victims of Chernobyl nuclear accident took place at the monument in the territory of P.Stradins University clinical hospital. Later Ministry of the Interior in ceremony gave to 156 people, who worked to disaster effect liquidation, Ministry of the Interior memorial medal, devoted to Chernobyl’s disaster effects liquidation. On 1986 after Chernobyl nuclear accident 6000 people from Latvia were called up to be sent to Chernobyl.Their health was damaged and 1500 of them already have passed away. Photo L.Bedrite

To visitors of the Museum

1 th May , 4th May and 5th May - Museum closed. Working hours  3rd May – 10.00 – 16.00.                                       6th May – 10.00 – 17.00. Yours – Latvian Fire-fighting Museum

“WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!” travelling exhibition in Jekabpils History Museum

From 4 April till 8 May a travelling exhibition will be shown in the Jekabpils History Museum (Rigas street 216b, Jekabpils).Created by the Latvian Fire-fighting Museum the exhibition “ WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU !” is dedicated to the work of Chernobyl nuclear accident rescue participants .

Former State Fire and Rescue Service Jelgava brigade Commander Aldis Feldmanis “Personal work” exhibition dedicated to Jelgava

Former State Fire and Rescue Service Jelgava brigade Commander Aldis Feldmanis “Personal work” exhibition dedicated to Jelgava 10 March 2017– 08 May 2017   Aldis Feldmanis born at 10th of March 1960. High school finished in Eleja. After that went to study at Leningrad firefighting school. After finishing firefighter school, he returned to Jelgava and started to work as fire safety instructor. 20 years later in 1999, he becomes commander of Jelgava city fire fighting service. At start of 21 century, he studied at Farmland engendering faculty in Jelgavas University. In addition to his every day work, he designed calendars for firefighters and Ministry of Interior and made designs for firefighter’s badges and diplomas. In 2010 he left the service and now are in pension, bat that leaves him more time to his hobby. After leaving for pension, he started to work with Jelgava’s artist studio, what was lead by Ivars Klapers and Andas Kalniņas. His works you can see in many studio expositions around Latvia. He still has his first drawings, in his mother poetry books. Those drawings are more than 50 year old, bat it show his talent manifested in young age and Aldis says that it come from his mother who made many beautiful paintings too. Drawings that he most proud of is logo designs for Elejas parish and primary school and designs for Elejas award. Aldis love to draw realistic well known, views of Jelgava. Bat time by time, he try his hand in caricatures. His second hobby is connected with his professional work. He collects information and materials about Jelgavas city firefighter’s history. All that you can see in Jelgavas firefighting museum what are in Dobeles street 16. We welcome his art exhibition in our museum, and we wish him luck and creative energy in future works. Latvian Fire Fighting museum

Thematic exhibition “110 years of Riga city professional firefighter’s history”

From 14 February  2017 till 17 May 2018 in Latvian Fire-fighting Museum in Riga Hanzas street 5 one can view thematic exhibition  “110 years of Riga city professional firefighter’s history”. 110 years ago in January 1 of 1907, Riga city council united police firefighter team with “running column” in that way finishing reorganization of firefighting branch, in that way first professional (paid) firefighting division in Riga city was born. To mark that event, our museum made exhibition about development of professional firefighting in Riga. From it start in last century until nowadays, and exhibition ends with photo gallery with pictures about reconstruction of State fire and rescue service main department building in Riga city. In first half of 19 century, firefighters started to make professional teams as part as police force. In November of 1882, to improve fire safety in city, Riga city council made separate firefighter team “running column”, it consisted of 16 paid, professional firefighters. At second part of 19 century, Riga city becomes Baltic centre of manufacturing and culture. To improve fire safety in growing city, new well-trained and organized firefighter teams was made. In 1882, Riga city council made Public fire safety program, what contained essentials guidelines to improve firefighting in city, like plans to make four new fire depots in city and fore extra professional firefighter teams. Architect Reinholds Šmēlings, designed all four buildings, in that time he was city architect. New depot was built in Maskavas street 1b, Jaroslavas (today Ludzas) street 24, Matīsa street 9 and Akmeņu street 17. Today all depots, except in Ludzas street, are working. Fire depot in Hanzas street 17, what is in one building whit our museum, was made some years later, in 1910.