Current events

To visitors of the Museum

Dear visitor! 17 th  and 18 th  of November museum is close, sorry for the inconvenience! Yours – Latvian Fire-fighting Museum

Informational event in our museum

New Fire Safety Regulations states that, from first of January 2020, every household required to install an autonomous fire detector. To inform public about that, at 2nd of November our museum, held informational event as part of the National Fire and Rescue Service's information campaign "Save Life - Install Smoke Detectors". Participants was able to spend time in a fun and engaging way by taking part in contest, learning correct why how to act in extreme situations, meet firefighters, learn about their work and equipment they use. After finishing visit in our museum, successful contestants received useful souvenirs, but we believe winners of event was undoubtedly every active participant, who learned something new at this event.    

New photo exhibition in our musuem "For a safe life"

08.10 - 8.11.2019 In our lifetime we often get in situations that can be threatening to us. That why even from young age our parents, society, and the state protect us, teach use and if needed punish us for our relentless attitude to our self or others. Everyday risks sometimes endanger the life and health given us by our ancestors and parents. These fundamental values of life protected by the state through many institutions, including our Museum. Our mission is to safety and security trough public education. That’s why from 8 th of October we offer for you to see new photo exhibition “For safe life”. Made by our museum senior specialist from firefighting research and education department Georgijs Jemeļjānovs, and a veteran of the State Fire and Rescue Service Vladimirs Gāgas. In photos they try to show you every days life and safety interconnections, trough wonderful everyday moments, that happens around us. Photo Georgijs Jemeljanovs

Visiting our long time partner – Ainažu Firefighting museum

For last 20 years, each September we visit Ainažu Firefighting museum and bring new exposition. This year in connection to Latvia’s 100-year anniversary, exhibition dedicated to last 100 years of Latvian Fire Fighting service.  Yesterdays, September of 23 rd , our visit felt a bit special, because new Ainažu museum director Sarmīte Vilde. With experience, working as a museum educator at Limbaži History Museum, she is excellent addition to Ainažu museum. As well as there is new director to Ainažu voluntary firefighter team, experienced firefighter - Normunds Zēģelis. To museum visitors, you have possibility not only explore museum exposition but visit Ainažu voluntary firefighter teams’ depo.  N.Zegelis, usually himself shows equipment and machinery that used buy voluntary firefighters and can answer to all your questions about firefighting and firefighter’s job in general. We are proud with the Ainažu Fire Museum, as a partner and for all the work they put in education, culture, and security works of Vidzeme region, we wish the museum successfully pass the waves of territorial reform and become even more popular to public eye.

Congratulations to Latvian youth team at wining 2019 World championship in Firefighting sport!

From September 8 th - 16 th , in Saratov (Russia), happened Firefighting sport World championship for man and women divisions and junior division for boy and girl groups. Latvian youth team of 6 athletes competing with other 9 teams in their group at discipline “Working with motor pump” won honourable title of World Champions with result: 19.93 sec. Second place went to Kazakhstan team (result: 19.99 sec) and third to Czech Republic team (result: 20.66 sec). We are proudly congratulate the young athletes Patriku Danenbergu- Dambergu, Mārtiņu Lastovski, Danielu Gruntiņu, Jāni Kalniņu, Aleksi Ratenieku and Robertu Špigunu, wishing you further growth and success!

Exposition “NO to terrorism!”

In remembrance to 9/11, attack at New York Twins Towers that took thousands of people life’s and left moral and physical scares to many thousands more our museum from 11 th September to 30 th September will show exhibition dedicated to anti-terrorism message.

Our museum exhibition in newest Firefighters depot at Jaunpils Street, 13th

To celebrate opening of new firefighter’s depot at 13 th , Jaunpils Street, at day of celebration we presented exhibition “Second firefighters division then and now”. It is about history of Riga city second firefighters division. At turn of 20 th century, the firefighting service was rapidly developing in Riga city. Between 1886 and 1902, according to the projects of Riga's chief architect Reinhold Schmolling, four depots were built. One of them in Akmeņu Street, 17 th , and it acted as home depot to Riga city second firefighters division for last century until the spring of 2019, when second division moved to new home at Jaunpils street.  The new depot was commissioned by Ministry of Interior, project developed by Company “Komunālprojekts” and construction work was carried out by construction company “Skonto būve”. For now, this depot is first in Riga city and seventh in Latvia, which built in this century. We wish that new home brings, luck, happiness, new ideas and challenges to people working there.

The book “Unknown History” dedicated to the Chernobyl NPP accident liquidation workers from Latvia, published in the Republic of Poland

At 11 th of June, in our museum Dr. Pawel Sekula , lecturer at the Polish University of Krakow Yagiellonsk, presented his new book “Unknown History” which is dedicated to liquidators of Chernobyl’s disasters. One of presentation attendees was Gunars Opmanis , who was in time of disaster, squad Commander of Chemical and radiation reconnaissance of the Baltic Civil Defense regiment. Book originally published in Polish but currently been translated to become available to a wide range of readers in the world. The book created with the help of the liquidator of the Chernobyl NPP disaster and support of our museum. It’s give a real satisfaction to see this  deep and thorough study by a foreign author and the opening of a new page of history, so that future generations can truly be proud of the contribution by their compatriots to limiting the consequences of a global accident. Our thanks, appreciation and further successes to Dr. Pavel Sekula for further exploration and perpetuation of less known history events!  

Photo exhibition of Riga Style and Fashion Technical college "photographer" and "photo design specialist" programs students – "Jugla in seasons"

30.05.−31.07.2019. The Latvian Fire Museum for the second year has been exhibiting creative works of Riga Style and Fashion College students, promoting the pupils’ awareness of the responsibility for the work they are doing and importance of creative expression in society. The theme of this year is the magic of the seasons. The everyday life in Riga district Jugla (where Riga Style and Fashion Technical College is located). Exact viewpoint of place in different seasons. As far as possible, the pupils of the school learn creatively by mastering their technical skills and show them in the practical lessons. Teacher of RSFT college − Linda Ratuta. The exhibition is a wonderful contribution to the celebration of 100th anniversary of Latvia, the exhibition should be interesting not only for Jugla residents, but also for anyone interested. The purpose of exhibitions is to continuing of the creative style of the Riga Style and Fashion Technique and Latvian Fire Museum promotes the development of a youth taste in culture, safety and beauty through purposeful, useful and creative organization of their free time…