Current events

33th anniversary of Chernobyl nuclear accident

      On 26th April in P.Stradins University Clinical Hospital at the monument of victims of Chernobyl  memorial undertaking dedicated to 33th anniversary of Chernobyl nuclear accident, organized by Latvian society „Chernobyl” took place.   Later Ministry of Interior in ceremony gave to people, who worked to disaster effect liquidation, Ministry of interior memorial medal, devoted to Chernobyl’s disaster effects liquidation.  

Movable exhibition “WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!” in Jelgava

From 26 April to 10 May in Jelgava City Municipality Department  of  Society Integration   (Skolotāju street 8, Jelgava) viewable  movable exhibition of Latvian Fire-fighting Museum  “ WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU !”, dedicated to participants of Chernobyl nuclear accident rescue works.

Hall of Fame opening in our museum

On Wednesday, 17 th of April, in remembrance of Chernobyl’s nuclear power station disaster our museum opened Hall of Fame dedicated to 33 anniversary of Chernobyl’s disaster liquidation works and people who worked there. Attendees of gallery opening was welcomed by Ex-president of Latvia and member of Chernobyl’s disaster liquidation works Valdis Zatlers, Chief of State Fire and Rescue Service General Oskars Abolins, President of Chernobyl Union Arnolds Vērzemnieks and Vice President of Chernobyl Union the highest award “the Union of Honor” Maris Shops. Awards were given to officials and activists for their contribution to the implementation of social security, health care and other major support measures for members involved in emergency response of Chernobyl’s disaster. After award ceremony, mayors of city’s Līvani and Aizkraukle addressed and welcomed those present. The participants of the event took a photo together in the historical Fire Square at Hanzas Street 5 and Board of the Chernobyl Union of the Republic of Latvia Vladimir Cenkura opened, personal photo exhibition “Trip from Latvia to Russian Cities”.        

Photo exhibition of the board member of Latvian "Chernobyl" Union Vladimir Cenkurs "Travels through Latvian and Russian cities"

11.04. − 18.05.2019. At 17 th of April, 15:00 In Latvian Firefighting museum, Vladimir Cenkur, board member of Latvian Union “Černobiļa”, will open photo exhibition “Travels through Latvian and Russian cities”. This exhibition dedicated to Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance days event at our museum. Author of this exhibition Vladimir Cenkurs was born in Estonia. He graduated from the Moscow State University. He worked in leading positions in construction organizations of former Soviet Republics. He discovered photography in school days. However, his passion for photography grew intensively after the tragedy at Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. He participated in liquidation of the consequences of Chernobyl NPP accident. For his great deeds, he was awarded with a number of honorary diplomas, memorable signs and medals. Over the past 15 years, he arranged four personal photo exhibitions, recorded a lot of material about the Chernobyl disaster and the events held annually by the Latvian Society “Chernobyl”. Overall, he has presented his friends and colleagues with more than 1500 photographs. He is a citizen and patriot of his country; he stands for what he believes in. Member of the Board of "Chernobyl" Union since 2010. Currently he lives in Livani (town in Latvia). Pensioner. Photo exhibition – photos taken from photo record of members of Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster liquidation works group, from theirrecreational travel Riga – St. Petersburg. Their travels took them through cities like Pskov, Pechory, St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Petergof and Gatchina. The main goal of this photo exhibition is to introduce viewers with old city’s architecture, cultural and historical heritage, noteworthy places, city everyday life and natural beauty of our neighbour country Russia and with Latvian festivals.Latvia in photos - landscape, birds, Līvani city festival and Daugavpils church.

The Georgia Emergency Services Delegation Visit

This 22 nd of March, Head of the Civil Security Supervision Department of the Emergency Service of the Georgian Ministry of the Interior Colonel Roin Varshanidz and Head of the National Reserve and Civil Protection Agency Zaza Pantsulai visited our museum. Thanks to this visit agreement been reached on establishing contacts between us and Georgia's Fire Museum and information exchange in the field of fire history research.

Our old clock got a new heart

In 1979, not long after opening of our museum, from Anna Zvilna we received her father’s old wall clock. Riga Patrimonial Firefighting Societies gave this clock to him in 1925, but after long working life clock’s heart stopped working and last 40 year this clock worked no more. Two month ago, Anatolijs Skorobogatskis radio engineer and on-duty communications engineer in Firefighting service Central Firefighting communication divisions at Hanzas street 5, visited our museum and gladly took on challenge to bring this old clock, back to life. As it is his hobby, reconstruction of old clock.  At 21 st of March clock recovered his heart back in working order and been filling our Brandmaster room with soothing clock ticking. In our museum and visitor name we sincerely say thank to Anatolis Skorobogatskis for his an unselfish contribution to improving the authenticity of the museum's offer!

Exhibition Anna Silabrama “Scent of Spring”

From 8 March to 8 April 2019 Fire-fighting Museum offers exhibition Anna Silabrama “Scent of Spring”. Anna Silabrama born 13 th of October 1981 in Riga. She studied in Jāņa Rozentāla Art collage after graduation she continued studies at Latvian Art academy in Painting Department. In 2007, she graduated and received master degree. Exhibition “Scent of Spring” is collection of paintings with flower theme, made by author in last couple of years. A. Silabrama tells “Beauty of flower is special even magical, it gives us visual pleasure and fills our soul with amazement and happiness. My main goal while painting is not to show what I see, but to create filling and wonder with the help of flowers sophisticated organization. Every flower has its own character, peculiarity and beauty, what gives us positive emotions and pleasure to soul. Flowers are endless source of inspiration.” In today’s world, there is more then 270000 types of flowers, each one with its unique aroma, colour and form. Flowers have huge biological importance but also they bring a touch of glamour in our everyday life. Latvian Firefighting museum wishes each exhibition visitor to receive aesthetic pleasure and dose of positive energy from this exhibition, as well as to welcome good start of incoming spring. In addition, we wish to the author of exhibition many more years with inspiration and creative success. Instagram: @annasilabrama

Solemn oath

On 5th Marchy 2019 in the Hall of Honor of Latvian Fire-fighting Museum solemn oath was taken by dispatchers of State Fire and Rescue Service regional call centers.

Poet KIKŌNES book presentation in our museum


At 18 th of February, 19.00 in our museum will happen poet KIKŌNES books “You are late” opening event. This book dedicated in memory of talented poet and playwright Kikōne (Edgars Mednis, 1984–2006), who passed away at age of 22. His work was celebrated not only by his generation poets, but also by older generation of professionals from his craft. Even in his short life his unique experimental poetry left lasting effect in Latvian literature. Before his death, Kikōne made draft of this book, but was not able to publish it. It took 13years after his death, but lastly his book has come out to public. This book contains around 150 poems made by Kikōne, some of them already known, others comes from poets personal records. This book covers all period of poets creative work, and interestingly it contains not only poems in Latvian but also in English, Russian and Latgalian languages. This book got publish thanks to literates Aleksandrs Zapoļs and Svens Kuzmins. Prosaist and friend of Kikōnes, Svens Kuzmins writes” Kikōne in real name Edgars Mednis, born 1984 in Riga, loved short but bright and eventful life. He grew up in Latgalian family,studied at Āgenskalns State Gymnasium, with excellence graduated from Riga First Gymnasium and started working as seaman. In his 22 years of life he found his place as one of brightest and free minded poet of our generation.

Georgijs Jemeļjānovs photo exhibition “The hundred years of Brīvības street”

01 February - 03 March Latvian Firefighting museum senior specialist Georgijs Jemeļjānovs photo exhibition “The hundred years of Brīvības street”   Author of exposition was introduced to photo camera at age of 12, and after that more or less never stop using it. From 1980’s to 1990’s, member of State Electrical Factory (SEF) People photo studio, active participant in studio exhibitions. In 1988, after Egon Spurs invitation, joined exhibition “One day in Ogre”, and again in 2008. Worked at Riga History museum (participated in making of 4 exhibitions) and Riga Movie Photo Audio archive, taking photos of historical events and day-to-day life to. After invitation from Pēteris Blūms worked photo materials for book “Wooden Riga” (in 2001 nominated for Book of year), and for book “Jūrmala”. Often collaborated with art historians, architects and researchers for different researches. This exposition made thanks to support of Riga city dome’s Education, Culture and Sport department, and author invaded to make this exposition by Riga city north municipally. In 1812, after false information about closing of Napoleon army, Riga city wooden suburbs was set on fire. Later in April of 1813, rebuilding started, after city plan made by Livonian Governor Filippo Paulaci. That was start of Brīvības Street. In two century’s there were many changes to street’s planning, name and purpose, but its main task staid the same- the main street of Riga. The goal of exposition is not only to show beauty and architectural styles of this important street, but also to illuminate history of this important street. February March February March