Permanent exhibition

Exposition “Guardians of Firefighters”

Like many traditionall profession, firefighter too have has its guardians. Protecting one of the world's most dangerous professions members, and fellow humans from the dangers of fires and other emergencies, often in unexplained, miraculous ways. In Christian religion firefighters patrons have received status of saints and symbols of those saints are often used in different countries firefighters heraldry. Like graphic elements related to guardians, sculptures, faleristics and souvenirs. In February of this year, our museum opened little exhibition, that offers inside into world of firefighters saints.

Exhibition “Don’t play with fire”

01.03.2019.-31.12.2021. In Latvian Fire-fighting Museum opened Iartist Daina Lapiņa art exhibition about fire safety, “Don’t play with fire”.  Artist born in Baldone, year 1943. Graduated from Latvian Art academy, graphics department. From 1976 member of Latvian artist union. Mainly made art for children books and animations films, made graphic works for advertisements. The theme of her work is colourful and poetic, with touch of humour. Mrs. Lapiņa says “Fire has two natures, good and evil. Fire and greatly improve people life but any careless action with fire can lead to tragic consequences. After learning details about fire and firefighting, I made exhibition about children’s and fire safety and named it “Don’t play with fire”.  In 1986 publisher “Liesma”, published children’s book with same name, but art works combined with work of poet P.Jurciņa.      Art works is more than 30 years but message of this exhibition is s important nowadays as it was back then. Those paintings specially dedicated to preschool and junior school children. 

Permanent exhibition section "For safety everyday"

As 19 th of April 2016 Cabinet of Ministers “Fire safety rules” ruling Nr.238 stats that from 1 st of January 2020, every house in Latvia must have fire detectors and fire extinguishers. In our museum, practise room, you are able to get information that is needed for baying them and try some models out, for learning porpoises. Fire detectors greatly improves survival chances in case of fire, so they are one of best gift for you, your family and friends.

Development of civil protection in Latvia


On 27 May 2014 in Latvian Fire-fighting Museum part of permanent exhibition dedicated to development of civil protection in Latvia and inhabitants of Latvia- participants of rescue works after Chernobyl nuclear accident was opened.   Development of civil protection in Latvia started from 1934. On 1956 civil protection was included in state protection system and its task was protection of people and national economy in case of war and nature catastrophes. After Chernobyl nuclear accident, eathquake in Armenia and other disastrous catastrophes the main task of civil protection became rescue after peace time catastrophes.   After renewal of independence of Latvia civil protection system was reorganized taking into consideration local conditions and possible threats. Part of exposition is dedicated to Latvian people-participants of rescue works after Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Photocoverage "LOSS OF THE PRECIOUS"

Photocoverage of Aleksandrs Vinks from rescue works in supermarket  „Maxima”,  Riga, Priedaines Street 20 on 21 – 24 November 2013 dedicated to victims of the tragedy open in Latvian Fire-fighting Museum from 17 December 2013. On 21st November 2013 roof of supermarket ”Maxima” on Priedaine Street No 20 in Riga of 1500 m 2 collapsed. 54 people lost their lives, among them were 3 fire-fighters-rescuers, several people were wounded including 12 rescuers;  3 children have lost both parents, 13 children – one of parents, no children were killed; this is the largest tragedy since renewal of freedom of Latvia and one of the largest tragedies in Europe during the last 20 years; 493 fire-fighters-rescuers, 25 brigades of Immediate Medical Assistance Service, 27 employees of State police and 309 employees of Municipality police with 60 means of transport and several military persons from National Armed Forces worked at the place of tragedy for almost 4 days and nights; various technics–5 cranes, tens of trucks, excavators, trailers, lift baskets and other technics from companies ”Rigas Tilti”, ”Celu parvalde”, ”Tilts”, ”Viadukts”, ”Roadeks”, ”Arsava”, ”Jurmalnieks AK”, ”E Buvvadiba”, ”Alfis” and others were involved in rescue works. We’ll live on - in remembrance of victims of ”Maxima” tragedy and in hope such tragedy not to repeat.

Exhibition "Dynasties- foundation of fire-fighting"


On 17 May in honor of  Day of Fire-fighters and rescuers in Latvian Fire-fighting Museum opened exhibition  about fire-fighters' dynasties. The basic value of fire-service is fire-fighter who with the help of technics and equipment helps people in trouble. We honour dynasties of fire-fighters who in several generations have chosen this work to improve professional skills, save historic traditions in order to fulfil their human task.