Planed events in 2021Print

Planned current events in 2021

For information on the opening of the exhibitions, see the section "Current events"


  • Photo-documentary exhibition dedicated to the Commemoration Day of Defenders of the Barricades in 1991 by Georgijs Jemeļjānovs ; January - March

• Photo exhibition “Life after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident”, April - May

• Thematic exhibition dedicated to the Latvia residents who participated at Chernobyl NPP accidents liquidation works , commemorating the 35th anniversary of the of the Chernobyl NPP accident liquidation works, April - May 2022

• Thematic exhibition “100 years to the Latvian Firefighters Union”, May - May 2022

• Exhibition of Riga Style and Fashion Technical School photo department students works: “I caught a ray of light”, May - June

• Thematic exhibition “Evolution of human respiratory protective equipment”, July-December

• Thematic exhibition in Ainaži Fire Museum according wishes of the museum and Ainaži news - September

• Māra Muižniece Riga Art School student’s Creative works Exhibition on the topic of firefighting, September - October

• A.Vinka photo exhibition “Profession firefighter”, October - November

• Thematic exhibition “History of Development of Fire Communication Systems”, December - March 2022


Evelopment of permanent exposition

• To organize a visual demonstration of current information and statistical data, characterizing the activities of SFRS and LUM within the framework of the permanent exposition, March

• Renovate and update the showcases in the Practice Hall on the 1st floor and firefighter education and firefighting technical equipment and devices on the 2nd floor

• Update the albums of the awarded persons in the Hall of Fame

• Renovation of the old refuelling column - museum advertising pole, changing the body, design, switching on the lights, December

• Complete the arrangement and placement of the AK-17 car ladder in the exposition

• To create a place for the museum's thematic exhibitions in the Kurzeme region



• Joint EU "Museum Night" event

• To organize the annual competition for Riga 4th grade students “Watch the fire” in cooperation with the Riga City Council Children's Youth Center “Daugmale”, November - December



• To complete research work on Latvian firefighting work (organization, structure, tactics, equipment, etc.) during the German occupation of World War II from July 1941 to October 1944

• To complete the research on Latvian firefighting in international corporation during the first republic and after the restoration of national independence in 1990.

• Report on animal rescue works, December

• To complete a study on the development of the civil protection system in Latvia from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day

• To complete the research on the development of the sports association “Dinamo” and the growth of firefighting sports in the composition of this sports association