Alexander Strekavin (1889-1971)

In 1962, Alexander Strekavin, organized a fire technical exhibition with mock-ups, objects and a wide range of informational materials, which in two years travelled around 15 Latvian cities. During this time, a series of drawings and paintings on the history of firefighting, firefighting equipment, the city of Jelgava, and 50-year-old memoirs of the fire service. The Alexander Strekavin legacy serves as a unique documentary reference for our museum.

Along with his social activities, he has devoted much of his time to researching the history of firefighting. Firefighter, artist, painter, educator, history researcher, author of many articles, recitation and books.

 Member of Jelgava Voluntary Fire Brigade since 1911. In 1921, he participated in the organization of the 1st Latvian Firefighters Congress, Member of the Board of the Baltic Firefighters Association. Author of articles for the Firefighter magazine. Served on the CTIF committee


Janis Matulis (1912-1989)

     Along with being active firefighter, a he did a lot for fire prevention too. Created full-fledged collections of in philately, postcards, folklore, cartoons, photos, documents, and more about fire safety.

More than two thousand items from collected been used in research and exhibitions, and biggest part of his collection been included into our museum’s collection.

Valmiera city patriot. Erudite of Latvian history and literature. Manny of works are encouraged by his endless love for Valmiera, its region and Latvia. He inspired and strengthened the work of the Valmiera Volunteer Fire Brigade for nearly 60 years.


Juris Ļabis

Member of one of the oldest and most prolific firefighter dynasties in Latvia, the first firefighters general after the restoration of Latvian independence, currently member at the International Academy of Ecology and Sustainability. Chairman of Dinamo Sports Association board. From 1989-2003 lead the Fire Department of the Latvian Ministry of the Interior, later the State Fire and Rescue Service, and was Deputy State Secretary of the Latvian Ministry of the Interior.

J.Labis constantly gives to the museum's collection a considerable amount of documents and property, shares memories and provides advice to the museum staff on the history of firefighting and civil protection.



   Eriks Vijups (Great Britain) – presentation of collection -models of fire engines

Helps museum improve his collection by giving different even rear items for it. Supports our exhibitions with supply’s what is needed to prepare them and gives help in general when we need it. 

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More than 25 years SIA GRENADE & SERVISS supports our museum practice room by filling empty fire extinguishers for free. That gives our visitors possibility to learn how to use fire extinguishers in emergency situations.





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