Unique popular gas-mask produced on 1939 by VEF-State Electrotechnical factory was presented to Latvian Fire-fighting museum by  Elina Tropa. It was bougtht by her grandfather Janis Gailitis, technologist of Riga Spirit factory ( now Latvijas Balzams) on 1940 and kept by her mother Sarmite Gailite.


   Eriks Vijups (Great Britain) – presentation of collection -models of fire engines

Helps museum improve his collection by giving different even rear items for it. Supports our exhibitions with supply’s what is needed to prepare them and gives help in general when we need it. 

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More than 25 years SIA GRENADE & SERVISS supports our museum practice room by filling empty fire extinguishers for free. That gives our visitors possibility to learn how to use fire extinguishers in emergency situations.






     Latvian Fire – fighting Association




     Latvian union "Chernobyl"